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Oh, to know it was the last day. Wow.  The toll of drywall and the rest of our activities really took a toll and we were all feeling a bit sluggish throughout the morning.  Luckily, we had pretty much finished dry walling the entire house (I’m serious…we insulated and dry walled an entire house in under a week), so we could afford to move at a slower pace, take a few more breaks, and actually end early.  Continue Reading »

Making Music

This wake up was probably the toughest.  The lack of sleep and relatively tough work was starting to catch up with us all.  I ended up testing the oatmeal they provided (quite sugary due in part to the milk and excessive brown sugar they probably used), but skipped out on the sausage, which looked like all the juice had been evaporated from the meat. Continue Reading »

The weather throughout the week was quite different from that of California.  As I might have mentioned, when we arrived on Saturday night (essentially Sunday morning), it was about 75 of 80 and a little humid.  The day would start off perfect temperature, sort of like a summer morning.  Continue Reading »

The rest of the week appears somewhat similar to Monday’s schedule but there were some alterations/adjustments here and there. Continue Reading »

Each day we woke up around 6am, threw on clothes, brushed our teeth, and ate breakfast before we started construction work.  Some of the shocking southern selections of breakfast included: biscuits and gravy, grits and sausage, bacon, egg casserole (eggs, cheese, and mashed potatoes from a bag I’m sure), oatmeal (made with lots of brown sugar and whole milk), and fruit cocktail.  Lunch materials were also available for us to make sack lunches during breakfast.   Continue Reading »

After a mere 6 hours of sleep (recall we hit the sack around 2am and had to get up for church around 8am), we dressed in our “best” outfits and shuffled downstairs to breakfast.  We were given a list of things to pack for the week and they included a suggestion to “pack light to experience living simply.”  I took this, as well as the Fuelling approach, and packed for efficiency.   Continue Reading »

I’m BAAAAAAAACK!  It’s been awhile but I finally have something worth writing about besides the daily school schedule.  I will continue to share my big adventures via this website and will let you know if I create another travel blog.  I know this one still thinks (and maybe wishes) I am in Barcelona, Spain. Continue Reading »

Culture Shock

They told me I was going to have a rough time assimilating back into society.  At this point, only about 4 or so days adjustment, everything seems dandy.  However, it will be interesting to see how life is at Santa Clara.

Before I left Spain, I created a LONG list of things I needed and wanted to do.  Some might say this is not the purpose of a break, because instead of “relaxing” by watching television all day or napping, I would be running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  While it sounds insane, I love it.  It keeps me focuses, thinking, and I feel oh so productive.  That last part is crucial to making me feel happy, so I have essentially learned a little bit more about myself. Continue Reading »

Home Sweet Home

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened…”
–      Dr. Seuss

After 16+ hours in transit, 2 flights and lovely customs at Los Angeles International Airport, I finally arrived home. Continue Reading »